Sunday, 1 May 2011

May already!

Another week goes by this time we are in May!  Every year, I think the same thing, whoosh it goes by in a flash and memories are left like dreams - just as well I have gotten obsessive with my photography then eh!!!
I have taken thousands of pictures last month alone as I have been wandering about in any spare moments getting lost and consumed in moments of simple fascination of the beautiful things. I stumbled upon a single bright red tulip, outside the fence of a tree all by itself. It wasn't very tall at all, but somehow had miraculously been allowed to grow, undisturbed by the dogs, children, sporting activities and general movement of people in this busy park.  This amazing tulip was now opened wide, over its best, but to me it was just beautiful and I had to take photographs of it in wonder of how it saw itself within its surroundings, what did life look like from where it was growing, was it as beautiful to it as the tulip was within the park?!
I love what that tulip saw, to me it was so perfect in its design and whilst some may say it was odd in where it chose to seed and grow, I think it was subtle and yet striking.  It intrigued me, it invited me to contemplate it in all its beauty with its bright red petals. It was so lovely to me, so small and like so many other things in life (including good architecture) unnoticed, except to me and my camera for that moment we were together :-)
Good design to me is not just being practical, sometimes it is not practical at all, but it should definitely bring pleasure and joy, These chairs I think do all of the above, and even in the most ugly of settings bring beauty.  These ones I found grouped together at a Claude Cahun exhibition I saw recently at the Botanics and they happen to be within a really beautiful building too! I think Cahun is just such an amazing artist, and as someone who I have just discovered through visiting this exhibition, and having done so has made a lasting impact and one I know is going to come out in the way I look at things at some point going forward!
But let me rewind a bit, on Tuesday, Marvin had to get the lump removed from his foot, so for the next 10 days sports a beautiful blue stookie!  Not necesarily good design his plastic boot to keep it from getting soiled and wet, but it is only on for the next 10 days.
He also has to wear a collar (and potentially Carly) to stop them biting it. See, Marvin wearing his, looks like a fabulous collar outlining his face with light, like a halo! Well at least just now the collar can have a dual purpose, it can work as a sun shade too as we have been having beautiful sunshine here ;-)
As for the last of the scavenger prompts being favourite, I don't have one absolute favourite of anything except with regards to my husband, son, mother, sister (I only have one each of these !).   That to me is  worse than asking me to pick my all time favourite memory, I am lucky, I have so many wonderful memories some fleeting, some long lasting, but I have lots of them and treasure each and every one. If I look at Friday alone, here are a couple of perhaps my favourite images of some of the people I met in the street celebrating the Royal Wedding:
Then again, here are a couple of my favourite images from the Rooftop Party Anders and I went to briefly on Friday too in celebration of the Royal Wedding which I will post more of through the week.  The first one is of the DJ (they also had 2 bands playing, but you will have to wait to see those posts), and the second image is of the brief appearance at this same party from Homer Simpson!
Then there is the Beltane Spring Fire Festival that we went to see yesterday which is a show about welcoming in Spring.  I took a lot of pictures there that I really like and will put them up in a separate post, but here are a couple to give you a taster of what you might see in the coming days.
So to show all my favourites would be too many to put up in this post, which is already rather long! So instead of just one favourite, I have shown you a few which I hope you enjoy too as I like them., and as for favourite, well I will share a picture of my one and only favourite husband and son... ((ha, ha, even then, I cannot find just one image of them can I!
Scavenger Hunt prompts this week were architecture; rimmed with light; toes or feet, shade and this is my favourite.
Unknown Mami
Scavenger Hunt Sunday


  1. Great collection of photos! My favorites are the hand in the sunshine and the lovely pink flower.

  2. Great shots! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. You have such a creative perspective. Is it weird that I really like the shot of the chairs?

  4. You sound like you have had a crazy busy fun week. I am sitting here in the pre-dawn cold, listening to the rain fall so I am really, really loving your shots of the sunshine.
    Have a great week.

  5. I am in LOVE with that hand shot!!!! Amazing.

  6. Love that first shot of the tulip. So beautiful. Hope Marvin is doing well.

  7. The one pink flower against the sky is very pretty.

  8. Lovely shots, the hand and the shoe, wow. Big hug for your sweet dog.

  9. I love the idea of looking at life through the perspective of that beautiful tulip. You could turn that into a childrens book.