Thursday, 26 May 2011

Sometimes apples grow on trees!

Anders and I are not known to have green fingers, and I planted and chose all the plants in the garden because I thought they would look pretty there, if indeed they survived, which amazingly most of them did!  
One of these plants was an apple tree which we planted by way of providing a natural separation from one part of the garden to the other and trained it in an espalier style. Since it was planted some 5 years ago, we have had nothing, but this year to our surprise it produced pretty pink flowers......
.... probably with the help of the old tea leaves we have been putting into the soil underneath it the last few months and would you believe, today, I see the start of some apples growing, potentially "buckets of apples"! 
Sometimes apples do grow on trees!


  1. Very nice! I have a pear tree that was stunted in a freeze... it always has flowers, and one or two pears, but sadly they never taste very good.

  2. Yay, what a nice surprise after 5 years!

  3. Heey, congrats!! It's so exciting when they surprise you after that much time.