Sunday, 29 May 2011

Won't be here next week....

Well, on Tuesday, I am making my journey to Review Santa Fe.  Yep, that time has come which I am hugely excited about, the time for me to take a leap of faith to chance with regards to me! So this self portrait is very appropriate right now as I feel like a lot of hopefuls must do when they take a chance on themselves and thankfully I have a great husband and son backing me all the way doing this! So it is rather appropriate therefore with one of this weeks Scavenger Hunt prompts being Self Portrait that I get to show you this photograph, and this self portrait insight seems to be getting a whole lot deeper as you will see if you read on!
The other prompts this week are Classic Still Life, On the Floor, Lines and Fresh.
So lets start with fresh, shall we? Fresh delicate wild flowers growing wild. I suppose I feel a bit like these wild flowers just now too, which I don't always feel like but going to this Review, I kinda do right now - hope they see wild flowers as being fresh, interesting and beautiful and not like troublesome weeds (ha, ha, ha)
Next prompt, lines.... well the lines of my curtailed artistic pursuits have been erased and I have a chance to maybe rewrite them and not think of them as some distant memory of something that could have happened had I pursued this when I left school! The lines of this have decided to go full circle and come back to make me go make me take a journey down a path which I chose not to follow over 20 years ago. Chance has set me on a course to revisit this and I can't believe I am being so personal in sharing this with you all!
As I said at the beginning of this year in my musing over resolutions, I am going on a journey to destination unknown and I am letting the creative side of me free to be critiqued by the people who I never in a million years thought would be doing this, just because it was not an opportunity that I thought would have been presented, so I feel so incredibly lucky to be given this chance.....
.... and I love the fact that life is full of chance and surprises, and surprises are everywhere.....
..... like seeing interesting faces in rocks on the ground (I know the prompt was on the floor but ground/floor...) and challenging yourself to have a go at something else and not just accepting a still life, classic or otherwise!
So, as I said at the beginning of this post, I am off to Santa Fe on Tuesday and won't be back until the following Tuesday. I am so looking forward to meeting my reviewers who have been scheduled in, and I think they are incredible so I know I will come away with some very valuable advice in addition to meeting people who I might otherwise never have so who knows what will happen, and who would have thought this would have transpired from starting up this little ol' blog?! I genuinely am so excited and I have no ego or expectations other than knowing that I have been given a surprising and incredible opportunity which I am so happy about!
So if you don't hear from me next week, I am sure you will understand and thank you all for your support and encouragement and listening of my muse and yap about somethings and nothings which I love to do. I am very grateful for you all being there and not making me feel like I am just talking to myself like some nutter, truly. I hope you all have a great week and thanks for popping over.
Scavenger Hunt Sunday


  1. How exciting!!! Best of luck to you on your upcoming venture, I'm sure what ever you strive to do in your life you will excel...You're such a talented writer & photographer you have been an inspiration to me. & as always, enjoyed your scavenger hunt tremendously :D

  2. Good luck this week - I'll be thinking of you. As for the hunt, I love the pictures of the weeds. Beautiful.

  3. All great, but I love that last shot! Have a wonderful trip!

  4. Best of luck friend!! Cant wait to see and hear all about it. Safe travels.

  5. really missing you.

    Anders & Dexter

  6. Hope you had a good time. Love the flower/weed photos.