Monday, 2 May 2011

Rooftop party on day of Royal Wedding

There was a celebration rooftop party that Anders and I went to briefly on Friday, the day William and Kate got married.  It was fantastically loud, and we (along with everyone else) wondered where the music was coming from.  We heard it as we dropped Dexter off at his cubs Sausage Sizzle (which his cub troop had organised from 6pm-9pm), then we saw where it was coming from, it was on a rooftop and I wanted to see if I could catch a photo as it reminded me of the Beatles or U2 when they did their gigs on rooftops!  The people having it, spotted Anders and I looking up, and called us up so I could get some photos.....
Great DJ
 Of course, every party has at least one dancing person who gets too drunk, and this was the guy who did just that below!
It was a great party with interesting people, including my old Physics Teacher!


  1. Awesome! Wish I lived in a place where you could see something like this.

  2. This was very cool of them!