Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Self Portraits oh my!

Self portraits are meant to say a bit about the person taking them, revealing something of them. So, the one above for me represents me taking a chance at being a hopeful with regards to my photography and an artist and it was featured along with lots of other fantastic self portraits which you should check out at Lenscratch! I am so pleased that it has been featured in this online exhibition, and time wise, it is so apt as I am going to Santa Fe at the end of this month!

This weekend has a beautiful and long weekend with Friday and Monday being bank holidays,  Some of the things I got up to I have already shared in earlier posts this month. There has been the Royal Wedding and a roof top party, there has been the Beltane Spring Fire Festival, there has been trips to beaches, farmers markets and enjoying the sun in parks with warm green grass where I decided to play about with my i-phone to remember how wonderful it was!  So here are some pictures of me that I took this weekend.  The one below doesn't say anything about me though other than I thought I balanced the picture with the other people who were also at the market (ha, ha, ha)
Then there is the hands shots below taken whilst sitting in the sun on grass......
I liked how it when I shielded the sun, it still shone like an eclipse
Change is constant and with my stepfather being buried today, perhaps at some level I was thinking about that with these shots.  I am just so thankful he is not in pain any more and that I am happy, healthy and living a life within a great family!
But then I turned the lens on me: my i-phone seeing me instead of me seeing through it.  I feel like my camera gives me super powers the power of? (ha, ha, ha)!
Below, yep I am just as confused by me!!
 So I just have to laugh!


  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you today.

  2. Those photos of your hand and the sun are amazing.


  3. I LOVE that one of you at the market and the ones of your hands...so cool!
    Today sounds like it's feeling less rough because you are comforted that he's not suffering, is that right? Either way, you are in my thoughts and I am sending you and the family strong thoughts. A peaceful day to you.
    I really love these shots!

  4. I like the last one with your happy expression.