Wednesday, 25 May 2011

There will be no miracles here!

Or will there?  

Well divine inspiration or what! The challenge over at ACoLab was front page of the news for 5th June, when I will be in Santa Fe, or should be.... therefore, if I am to participate in this prompt challenge I needed to get it done well before then. Here is therefore my post in advance as by the 5th of June we will know if I have managed to fly to the Review or not!

As of yesterday and today, the front of the newspapers in the UK are torn between articles of the Volcanic Ash stopping flights taking off and landing and President Obama who is over here visiting and what that means for relations.  So the big question for me personally right now is will the volcano decide to stop erupting to allow flight space normality over the UK and therefore allow my flight take off next week as is scheduled which will take me to the US on the first leg of the trip to Santa Fe? At the moment they are saying "expect more flight delays from Friday onwards which will cause problems over the bank holiday weekend" as the volcano continues to spew ash into the atmosphere, so will my flight leave on time?
Yep, you're right, too soon to say!

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