Friday, 13 May 2011

That's a big old camera you have there!

All the better to get close up and personal......
.....I often see people using huge lenses to take street photography shots, to me however I think it takes away from the whole fun of the interaction that makes you feel part of the whole scene. For me, street shooting is fun because you are interacting in some way with the strangers in the photographs which you just don't get using big lenses, plus taking pictures at a distance for this purpose makes the picture look flat.  This guy thought it was funny how I got very close to him to take this shot with my wee Olympus mju 35mm camera!  I understand why paparazzi, press, wildlife, sports and documentary photographers use big lenses, but for street photography, nah, doesn't do it for me! Each to their own though!


  1. wow, that is one huge camera!

  2. It doesn't get any use just hanging there, so what's the point? Just an equipment snob