Sunday, 8 May 2011

Ironic that although it is not Mother's Day in the UK it is in the US....

First of all, although this is not Mother's Day in the UK, it is in the US, and my Mother loved the fact that she got 2 Mother's Day celebrations every year because my sister lives in NY and my Mother used to spend every year in Florida (during the winter) and spend time with her in both places, and of course in the UK with me! So whilst we celebrated Mother's Day in the UK earlier on this year, I know today is Mother's Day weekend in the US so happy Mother's Day to all great Mother's out there.  This is a picture of my Mum, which always makes me laugh.  It was at a marketing event for Guest House Ladies in the 1970's, she is on the left in blue!  If you want to see other fantastic Mothers, head on over to Lenscratch who have a great Mother's Day exhibition over there.
Now it is Scavenger Hunt Sunday prompts, the first one being "straight out of the camera" All except one prompt are from extra shots that I took at the Beltane Spring Fire festival, the three below being straight out of the camera. 
Next prompt is sprouting, well this guy was sprouting flowers from his head in celebration of spring.
Isn't it ironic eating fast food is also a fast way to make you overweight! No matter how good you find food, eating too much (like eating too little) ironically isn't good for you.  That is the next word prompt
Think I am being lazy as I am using lazy fast food for a lazy prompt and using the same image series again is also being lazy (ha, ha, ha)!
Smells like spring!  (I did say I was being lazy), fast food in spring....
or plum blossom?
you decide!
Ironic, last picture, SOOC, sprouting, smells like spring, me being lazy leaving it to last, ironic really!
This week the prompts at Scavenger Hunt were SOOC, Sprouting, Isn't it Ironic, Lazy and Smells like spring.
Scavenger Hunt Sunday


    1. Two Mother's Days?!?! What a lucky lady!

    2. These are great and you're so right - fast food is the fastest way to gain wait. Definitely ironic!

    3. Double Luck! Happy Mother's Day for all of us all of the time!

    4. Fun looking festival Joanna!

    5. love your mum's hat in that first shot!