Sunday, 15 May 2011

Opposites attract....

Well this week, the Scavenger Hunt prompts are: Give me flowers; Visual contrast; friendship; before and after and lastly dark. Let's start with visual contrast - leopard framed sunglasses, and leopard print arm, well at least that is what this girl told me her tattoo will be once it is finished, (so this could also be finished and unfinished!).
or change tattoo and my thoughts change to far and near, or ship on shore!
Next prompt: friendship.  They say man's best friend is his dog....
Dogs however have no discretion when it comes to making friends.  This boy dog was very "fresh" with Carly's feminine charms, and she too was very obliging to strike up a friendship! 
Then there was these two insects who established a very close friendship on the chair I was about to sit in, I didn't have to wait too long however as they finished very soon after I captured this photograph.
 This young donkey and lamb were desperate to make friends, and how could you not!
This lamb just wanted Dexter to give him clover and grass :-)  I know you wanted flowers, but it is a plant!
Ok flowers it is....
As for before and after, I have taken a whole series of photographs of flowers in different stages of life, which also covers before and after.  So here are a few of them, the next three (well 6 really) were taken with my Olympus Pen-ee which uses 35mm film but splits each slide into two images. For me it was a great way to come to terms with the my Stepfather's death.
 Flowers bloom and then died, and below seeds are scattered and some find life and grow
 Life is dependent of all sorts of situations happening and relationships being formed the result of which is life keeps on going in one form or another.
light and dark....
.... well dying is a dark subject so.... give me this field of daffodils, in different stages of life to put it into perspective was just what I needed....
Scavenger Hunt Sunday


  1. Love your tattoo shots! The blue sky is just something awesome.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE your interpretation for visual constrat. LOL on the dog sniffng butts!!
    All around great set of photos!!!
    Enjoy your Sunday!!

  3. That little bug shot is so awesome - but I also love the tattoos...I don't have any myself but I think they are beautiful on others.

  4. great those tattoos! (and the dog sniffing)

  5. These are simply amazing! You are so talented.

  6. You always have the most interesting variety of photos and I always enjoy them! My favorites this week are the little boy with the donkey and lamb and the beautiful daffodils.

  7. Great tattoo shots ;D Love that spin on it!

  8. Stunning collection of photos!! I just love the tattoos and the light/dark photos. Sabrina