Friday, 6 May 2011

Three wishes....

 If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for?
Every time I see these, I think of wishes, do you?
Three wishes, one for me, one for Anders and one for Dexter for us to make together, awwww, how sweet!  This above photograph was taken when my wee lovely first started to crawl at 8 months old and he started walking 2 months later!  Anders on the other hand, well he took a bit longer!!! (I know, my jokes are lame.)
Blue Skies, this is what we had, I know a lot of people wish them to return!
 Blogging from Bolivia

Skywatch Friday  


  1. Love those "wish flowers" and that babe is so sweet. My little one started walking early too - I was not encouraging it. :)

  2. Yes, I still think of wishes every time I see one of those flowers! :)

  3. Love those dandelions! I'd wish for peace, joy and health for all those I love.

  4. Happy mother's day to you!! Hope you have a great weekend.

    PS- did you ever see the post I had about the Leprechaun? I think it answered the question about having "free" wishes...hehehe. I'll send you the link if I find it ;)

  5. As a child, I always envied people who could keep kites aloft for more than a few seconds!


    No matter if blue or if grey,
    The sky is my favorite way
    To find my heart’s ease;
    And now, if you please,
    I must go look up straightaway.

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