Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Sometimes you just need time to think clearly....

I am normally pretty good at articulating my thoughts, but sometimes I am moved by something so much that I need time to think so as to really convey what it is that has had this effect on me.  This has happened a few times this year already but I have not talked about a few of them fully as I think it is important to do them justice and convey the stories in a way that relate to anyone/everyone because that is in effect what they did to me..  Intrigued?  I still am, but then again, I take photographs because they are of situations that I find hold my attention, sometimes for a second, sometimes for.....! The ones I have not talked about are ones that I am still trying to convey in a way that they will ignite the same reactions because that is what is so compelling about them and the stories they tell.  I love the fact that images can tell stories, sometimes the images have nothing to do with one another, but when you put them together, our brains naturally want to read stories into them, and people and the way they think intrigue me.
I just love looking at the  world right outside my door, which is a big wide world full of stories.
Sometimes a flower is just a flower,
and sometimes I get restless
But sometimes, life lets you pull out white bunny rabbits....
...and shows you beautiful, inspiring, magical stories that take your imagination away
 This makes me even happier than I normally am!


  1. Great shots, and so true. I really need to have my camera on hand more, there are so many times I see something and wish for it.

  2. I love being able to see the world through my lens. I look at everything differently since I started this wonderful hobby. The last shot is lovely with the pink shoes, green grass and little flowers.

  3. Love your photos... Darling red slip ons!!

  4. Images really do tell stories, don't they? I'm firm believer in that.

    And I like the story your last photo tells...


  5. Beautiful pictures and I love what you wrote to go along with them!


  6. You tell such amazing stories with your photos and words - you bring an entire world to life for us.

  7. i like this post and these pics. your photos always intrigue me because they always tell a story.

  8. I think you've got a real knack for portraits and street scenes! You capture the true character of people and that's something very special!