Thursday, 14 July 2011

Arthur Seat

 Arthur Seat is an extinct volcano, and whilst hundreds of years ago it was on the outskirts of Edinburgh, now it falls well and truly within the city boundaries, and is in fact right on the doorstep of Holyrood Palace.  It is a beautiful place and we often go there with Marvin and Carly who love to run up and down the hills on it.
 The sun is now back, so it feels like summer again, yay!
 This series of photos, I took on Tuesday evening between 6.45pm and 7.15pm when Anders, Dexter and I went there with Marvin and Carly.


  1. Very interesting - I love the way the light is coming in on the first two shots.

  2. Beautiful!!!! Oh that first shot is so stunning, and I think the last three should be printed off at exactly the size they are, framed and hung all in a row in a hallway. So very poetic. Love the colors.

  3. That first shot is truly stunning!

  4. Just absolutely beautiful photographs...again. The first shot is timeless. I almost expect to see King Arthur ride across the view. Stunning work on every level.