Wednesday, 20 July 2011


My beautiful god-daughter Helene had her birthday on Friday, she is now 15! 
I am so glad that she found the time to stop by to say hello before heading back to France where she lives. She has been over visiting her Grandparents in Inverness with her Mum and friend, and popped down to Edinburgh before heading home which meant I could give her her birthday present in person.
I found her what I thought was a really cool red fluffy jacket which I would have loved when I was her age right up until I was in my 20's. Yep, I would have died for it and I would still love it but the term mutton and lamb would then go in the same sentence followed by shrieks of laughter and that is not just from Anders!!! I just hoped she would be as enthusiastic about it when she saw it, and at that point I though "I never thought I would be wondering if I was old fashioned in my choice of presents before", but there you go, fashions change and these thoughts come to us all!
Along with the memories of saying "I remember her as a little girl, so cute and cuddly, very loving and affectionate and I was so honoured to be asked if I would be her god-mother". See, it comes to us all and I cannot begin to think what I will be saying when Dexter gets what in reality is only a little bit older!!!
Happy Birthday beautiful Helene, you are just so lovely and get lovelier and lovelier each time I see you.

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