Thursday, 21 July 2011

Glass, lines, colour

I think the world is full of interesting things to see and you don't need to look through coloured glass to appreciate it, but it can make you see things differently sometimes!
 Our lives are not set in straight lines.
There will often be cracks in the pavement to slow us down
Just one of the little examples of me musing over things that I find interesting and pleasing, nothing more, nothing less....
I suppose this is what this beautiful French Bulldog puppy will do as it find's it's own space in the world.  I thought he was just so cute and like it, I too love to seen new things as I take a walk, don't you?


  1. Sometimes it's the simple walks that bring the most rewards and epiphanies...enjoyed going on this walk with you ;)

  2. You always make me stop and think.

  3. love that first photo. so interesting and creative.