Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Family gatherings.....

This weekend, Dexter saw his Uncle Jonny and Auntie Laura who were both over from NY before going to France to see Ander's parents.  This was the first time since Jonny got married 3 years ago today to Laura that all three brothers were together and it was so lovely.
Even though we are not always together like this, there is still a closeness that connects us together. We just need to think of each other and remember that we are never really that far apart from our loved ones. We just need to think of them.
When I snapped these pictures, that is what sprang to mind, and it made me smile and think of my own family who unlike Anders and Dexter, are not close to hand.
Dexter loves being part of a larger family it gives him a sense of belonging.  I remember it was important to me as a child too and I wish I had known my Grannies and Grandads, even Aunties and Uncles for that matter too. I remember how other children my age had a sense of union with their cousins which I yearned for too, so I completely understand why it is important to Dexter, and I am so glad he has this, especially as he does not have a sibling. Kids need that sense of belonging, and we all do at some level I think, we all need is to be loved and know we are part of some special unit that we can hold onto and remember in our hearts and minds.
 Happy 3rd Anniversary Laura & Jonny
 To many more happy years in the future.....


  1. Looks like some quality family time. Definitely important.

  2. Wonderful photos, glad you got to have some great family time!

  3. I agree. Family and extended family time is so important for children. It helps them know who they are. And feel good about it.


  4. What a great time to get together with family. Loving that last shot- so sweet

  5. Great shots of L&J...like models in a magazine ;)