Thursday, 28 July 2011

This is where Mary Queen of Scots surrendered

On Sunday we went to the spot where Mary Queen of Scots surrendered to the English to show the views to our friends Sarah and Andrew who are over from Boston that I met at Review Santa Fe.
The views here are fantastic and I am so grateful to our fantastic friend Bill who lives very close to this spot.

The views here are just so amazing, and when you add this to the historical importance to Scotland of this place it makes it even more incredible.  The irony is, this place is not well known at all, so actually not a lot of people know where it is!

Above is my Anders talking to Sarah, Dexter and Bill
Here is Bill admiring the view, Anders looking at me for this photo I took and Sarah capturing me capturing them!
I love this picture of Sarah's Andrew admiring the view.
Dexter and Tanji, sitting on the very spot where the Battle of Pinkie was fought.
There are some big old trees there, redwoods, yews which live a long long time.  Maybe some of them witnessed this event actually happening, that is quite a thought!


  1. this looks like a beautiful place! i love the ones where you can see the rays of sunlight.

  2. What a gorgeous place! Hope you are all having fun exploring together

  3. What an amazing place to visit! I particularly like that last shot.