Sunday, 3 July 2011

Monets Little House on the Prairie in Forfar, Scotland moment!

The opening scene of Little House on the Prairie, that is what this little part of a walk I did initially reminded me of.
The rambling hill with the pop of colour from the red poppies, set against the sky, it was beautiful, and I thought of both the opening scene of Little House on the Prairie and also the Cadbury Flake advert. It was so beautiful, and these images are straight from the camera, no fiddling about with them on photoshop as this is exactly how it looked, no enhancements or adjustments needed!
This to me just looked like just such a beautiful romantic setting. I stumbled upon it along a walk I was doing with Anders, Dexter, Marvin and Carly. This view was only fleeting as it changed completely to be obscured and hidden in no more than just a few feet from where I took these shots. For the short period of time however it was exposed to me seeing, I couldn't help but get lost in its beauty which I had to try to capture in the hope that in looking at it again and again and again and be transported to this place to lose myself in idle, hopeful thoughts, which for me this view and these images seem to do.
For some reason, to me, this view seemed to keep on drawing me deeper and deeper into it, almost as though it could transport me somewhere even more magical. In reality, I know this of course was not the case, yet somehow this view managed to make me cross a threshold of what was real and yet unreal, factual yet also magical.
To the other people who we passed by on this walk, this was a familiar sight, and whilst lovely, clearly taken for granted as nothing that breathtaking. In a way, I can see why this would happen, and it made me wonder if the paintings Monet captured, were similar. To us when we see them they seem so much bigger and as such views that we could not contemplate people just taking for granted as they walked on by, yet maybe they were, and I never really contemplated that before seeing this scene!

My cameras, and my lenses have now become so much more to me than just toys to play with. Of course they still are this as I have huge amounts of fun playing about with them and experimenting, taking them apart and swapping or adapting them to go with others. They have become my make believe friends, in a way my like my dolls did as a child which I would change the clothes of and act out/make up stories and situations with. The output for me with my cameras however is more than just creating make believe stories and memories in my mind, they become something tangible and are a permanent reminder like an x-rays into my mind and the way I think.  Scary eh!
Scavenger Hunt prompts this week are  pop of colour, crossing thresholds, x-ray, toy and hidden or farm.


    1. What a creative way to weave the prompts into a story! Lovely photos and I enjoyed walking onto the magical prairie with you!

    2. Really, really beautiful pictures.

    3. Wonderful story - so creative of you to weave the prompts into the story.

    4. What a creative presentation!!

    5. I love how you describe your cameras/lenses like the dolls you used to play with - again, the poet in you is peeking through! :) Beautiful shots.

    6. Wow, your did a great job. The colors are just perfect.

    7. wonderful story! great job