Monday, 18 July 2011

Our weather....

This is one strange summer here in Scotland weather wise. We have had so much rain, I mean really heavy downfalls and when it starts you feel like you are in a monsoon. 
Now whilst I do like having fair weather, the rain does add drama with clouds and thunder rolling in. We have seen lightening flashes too, but they have not yet been close enough to maybe capture. 
We went to the East Neuk of Fife yesterday and spent a day in beautiful sunlight and on the way back we saw how bright blue skies turned to white fluffy clouds and then got more and more grey as we crossed the Forth Road Bridges with rain coming down.  Then the skies turned clearer again!  Strange that's all I can say!
Today it has been on and off rain again and according to my i-phone it is going to be like this tomorrow and Wednesday and again on Saturday.

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  1. What awesome shots! Every time I check your blog I find myself wanting more and more of your prints to serve as the art in my home.