Sunday, 17 July 2011

The weekend so far!

Friday, seems to be the last of the sun for a while as forecast is for heavy rain for the next week! So I went to see the new Harry Potter film with Dexter and Anders and we all really enjoyed it, especially as we watched part one earlier in the week at home on DVD!
Knowing what the weather forecast we decided to go on a car trip to Aberfeldy to see David Peat's photography exhibition
Loved the photographs, and the exhibition was in The Watermill which is a award winning independent bookshop that also had a lovely cafe so it was well worth the trip.... addition to the fact that before getting to it, we went on a wonderful woodland walk with Marvin & Carly and there are way too many photographs to show on this post.
 I mean look at it, you just feel so insignificant in it
I just get dizzy with excitement and want to get lost in all this beauty, it is amazing, especially when you hear thunder clouds rolling in. 
There is just so much visual stimulation out there for me to see, and looking back on images I often feel like I am taking double takes!  I know that is a lame entry to a seeing double prompt.

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  1. This week, your photos feel very very artsy and I'm liking it. I love your first two shots - they are great. The one of Dexter standing - that one, I love. It's very interesting. Great job!