Monday, 11 July 2011

Y is for....

.... lots of things, and I liked the mystery of it all so what does it matter? 

Here is another picture which made me ponder on whether it might be the start of a story and there were a few stories it made me think of!  One went along the lines of..... Once upon a time there was a secret doorway on a beautiful lake which was only activated if the life ring at the end of the path was thrown into the water, and only then if you dived through it and the under water. 
To get to the lake however, where this doorway stood was quite a trek. You could only get there by fighting your way through a wood full of tangled branches, a bit like in the story of sleeping beauty. 
One dark and stormy day, the clouds began to gather above all the chimney pots in a menacing manner.....

to many this seemed worrying, to me they were something to admire and watch. It is quite something to see the sky get this excited and anxious all at the same time, or at least I think so!

So what do you use when you are excited and anxious about something unexpected and big happening? You bring out the old Mamiya Press Camera!
This old press camera showed courage, intrigue and guts.  This old press camera used to be ostentatious, but now, well it was refined with its ivory coloured bakalite grip handle. This beauty however had more style and bling now than any Paparazzi could capture when out shooting. This marvel was one now to feature in a DC Detective comic series or something cool and interesting like that!
One of my new toys....YAY!


  1. Great shots! They do look like they're telling a story.

  2. You not only captured each prompt in a unique, you captured my entire attention!

  3. Cool camera. Love the whole story here.

  4. That camera is so cool. Love the Y of the tree and your cloudy shots. Nicely done!

  5. Look at the cool old camera! What a great toy!

  6. How cool!! So were these all taken with the Mamiya?? Love that second image, so pretty!

  7. Love how they are all following a story.

  8. This is a great press and looks in terrific condition> I like working with them very much