Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Hammy Houdini

Meet Hammy Houdini!  He is the greatest hamster I have ever met, and we have been looking after him all of July for our friends who have been on holiday all of this month!
He is really called Trevor, but he is so clever (hence why we chose our pet name for him) because he has worked out how to escape from his ball which we now have to tape the lid down securely to make sure he didn't open it again! Both times he managed to open it, it was next to the bathroom and we found him in the cat litter, clearly disguising his scent so as to make friends with our cat!  Luckily, both times he did this the cat was outside (we made sure of that), but we still don't know how he did it! The irony is, he only did this when he saw our cat who spotted him and then went over to see if he could play with his cage, at that point he must have thought I need to find a way to blend in! As soon as Hammy had done this, our cat was no longer interested in him! In addition to the fact I told our cat to stop and he is obedient and clever too you see!!!!
Anyway, he is the most beautiful hamster, his fur is red and it matches our Vizsla dogs. His face is so full of expression and I look at him fully expecting him to start talking like a cartoon character because he is just so fantastic. Marvin and Carly (our dogs), just love him too and when we have him in our hand they look at him and shake wanting to make friends. Carly looks at him, sniffs him, looks at him, sniffs him and seems to want to be his Mummy and Trevor seems quite happy with the whole thing as he does the same back to her! Anders and I have never seen a hamster like him, but he belonged to the nursery Dexter attended for two years before our friends son got him last month which is probably why he is so fearless and confident. I suppose living in a place with a lot of toddlers who all want to play with you will do that! Our friends youngest son now attends the nursery Dexter did and he was lucky enough to get him to take home forever when they decided after 2 years that perhaps it was time to let him have a new home (think health and safety has become even stricter now to not allow small pets with children for whatever reasons). Andrew and I never thought hamsters could be so incredibly entertaining and well just fantastic. This one is so special, and we have had such a great time with him and will be sad to give him back, but he has two young children desperate to see him again!
So Trevor, to us will always be Hammy Houdini to us, fast as lightening with a hugely magnetic personality and very welcome back anytime.



  1. Waaaay too cute! Loved reading about how he fared with M & C... ADORABLE!

  2. Awwwww cutie hammy.....love it!