Friday, 16 April 2010

Going to see Rufus Wainwright tonight, sun shining, hayfever tablets kicking in, bacon roll & Artisan coffee ....

Anders, Dexter and I are off to see Rufus Wainwright who is playing at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh this evening, we are all excited as it is a really nice start to the weekend, yey!

The Sun shining, and I am not seing any funny cloud formations from the volcanic ash that has stopped planes flying across the UK which actually might have made the sky more interesting? In fact, there are no clouds to be seen so this really is happening way up high.... Actually, the weather has generally been rather sunny here for at least a week, we even went swimming last weekend in our gym's outdoor pool, yes you did read right, swimming in Scotland in an outdoor pool! Well bit of a fluke for us because they had heated the water to what felt like bath water and it was more like sitting in an outdoor spa, unbelievably lovely, but the following day they had regulated the temperature, so whilst it was warm, it was not as nice as the day before. Wonder where the thermostat is hidden!!!!!!

On top of this my anti-hayfever pills are starting to kick in, another yey!! And to top it all, the lovely Anders has tempted me with a bacon roll to go with another Artisan Coffee.... the start of what I hope is going to be a perfect day (feel a song starting, perhaps I might add it to my ringtone on my new iphone....this phone is truly wonderful, love it, love it, love it).

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