Thursday, 15 April 2010

Hayfever Sucks but my lovely husband does not.

Anders, my knight with Artisan Coffee.....

Well spring has arrived in Edinburgh, Scotland and it sucks for me as I have got Hayfever! The first signs of spring, the blossoming of the trees with the birds twittering in the trees and I get hit with the pollen! My eyes are streaming, and my nose is blocked, so I really am not a pretty sight.......

Buy my husband is...... the lovely Anders came in from his walk with our two dogs armed with the best coffee in the world from Artisan Coffee right here in Edinburgh. It is just what is needed to sooth my throat and calm my hatred of pollen (it really is that good a coffee from them)..... and yes having drunk it....... I am now a happy Disney princess (well maybe not unless you class the wicked queen as a princess!)!

These are our dogs, Carly Simon (on the right) & Marvin Gay - you would not believe they are from the same litter would you and will be 1 next month!


  1. OOOO Joanna!Brilliant start - not that you have hayfever, but the blog! Loving the pic of the dogs, they are absolutely beautiful.
    I'm going to follow this and also add it to the blogs that are linked on the side of mine, that way I can see your updates instantly. How brilliant!!

  2. As you can see, technology is just catching up with me - god I am so slow. Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement, and I know you are not meaning brilliant to hear you have hayfever, or are you?!

    I have not got a clue how to show what I am following or not, but I am following yours, just have no clue how to show it on my page, nor for that matter get the lovely touches that you have on yours.

    Also, how do I add comments, I thought I had done it, but clearly hadn't - You have a lot to teach this Jedi, Master Laura...