Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A Swedish Serenade - or is it!?

Saw this in the window of a local charity shop and thought "what a bizarre thing", and with Gracie Fields it is bound to be strange & kitch! Took a photo of it, along with some other strange ones (e.g. Two Girls & One Sailor) and did a google search on it (the other one brings up dodgy sites so lets not go there....).

Anyway, what a bizarre film extract I found which you must look at because it is wierd and funny.

Let me know your thoughts, in a strange way I think it is great and am thinking about how I else I could use it, certainly brought a smile (and "what the hell is this") expression to my face. The part towards the end of the reel I think is particularly surreal, mesmerizing in fact!!!

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