Tuesday, 20 April 2010

What's your craving.... why not share!

Sweet & Lovely..... Two Girls & A Sailor -
Welcome to my cravings page, what's your vice!

Ooooo er Mrs!!!

This is really an addition to my last one - Cherry Fudge
My neighbour has just discovered she is pregnant with her second child which is so nice. Having made my cherry fudge, I thought

"wouldn't it be nice to give her some by way of saying congratulations"?

This then made me think, how am I going to present it to her? A gift after all should always be nicely presented! And no I am not some domestic goddess (oh how only I and my husband & son wish, come to think of it, I wish my husband was a domestic god, but then again, if he were he would definitely not have married me - I am sure I am a goddess of something (to which my sister no doubt is cackling at the many suggestions (yes cackling is exactly what she will be doing))!

Well, what a great way to get rid of any nice crockery you have lying about but no longer use. Perhaps I could also become the Bree Van De Camp of Wysteria Lane when it comes to this type of thing!!!
Outcome in this case, turned out she is having a real sweet tooth craving so quite appropriately shared ....... what will my next craving be ?!

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