Friday, 30 April 2010

Siamese Twins - Brother & Sister........

Marvin & Carly, conjoined twins!!!!
Well they do love each other........
This was taken as I had a coffee early this morning outside with Anders as it was sunny and I woke up feeling particularly chipper! In my head I was hearing "good mornin' good mornin'" and still can't get that tune out of my head! Click the below link if you too would like to hear it!!!
Marvin & Carly were sitting very closely, so much so that I thought "gosh they could almost be joined", and photographs of course don't lie!!!
Well, it is Friday, the start of a bank holiday weekend here in the UK. What's planned........ find out next week!!!

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  1. Haha..I feel like giving them both a big hug! :)