Monday, 19 April 2010

Two stranded beauties & One locked up child!

These are two beautiful lovelies who are stranded in Edinburgh because of the Volcanic Ash Clouds. Mary is the one on the left who is the daughter of our lovely friends living in Strasbourg. As you can see, Mary and her friend Kelly are quite well and happy. They came over to look at universities and were meant to travel home to France on Friday, but are still here!

Andrew, Dexter and I took them to Kilimanjaro for lunch and then dropped them off at the Dean Gallery so they could spend some time there and then the Modern Art Gallery.

For lunch I recommended the Quiche Lorraine which from Kilimanjaro is excellent and getting thumbs up from our two lovelies from Strasbourg is quite a stamp of approval, the city that is famous for it's eggs & bacon!

Dexter was insistent that he came with us, and even at 8 knows a pretty lady when he sees one! His head was rotating at seeing two, but particularly so with Mary, so we locked him up - wonder if that will work when he is older, or maybe we are only meant to say this if we have daughters.......

...even at 8 he has a twinkle in his eye!

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