Tuesday, 20 April 2010

We once had a beautiful garden, with grass all lushious & green, then Carly & Marvin the Vizslas came......

Let me begin, are you sitting comfortably? Yes, well I shall begin, we once had a beautiful garden, a lovely urban oasis which I nurtured from nothing! Even up until summer of last year, our garden was still rather a beautiful place, which has become quite a gathering place for various birds, insects and even a couple of grey squirrels. A peaceful and tranquil spot just perfect for your Disney moments, la, la, la, la, laaaaaaaaaaa!

But then came two of the biggest poopers that ever lived who disguised their evil intent with their big brown eyes and innocent expressions (well actually their eyes are more of a shade of Ginger (said with a broad Glaswegian accent) that matches their fur, but somehow Ginger doesn't sound so meltingly innocent the way big brown/blue/grey/green eyes do! (.... And yes, I can almost hear my sister saying, you could have said Hazel (for she has lovely Hazel eyes), to which I reply, yes but then I don't get the chance to say Ginger (that is a great Scottish expression) which has so much more depth and feeling, and in this case very appropriate!))). How could these two beautiful lovelies destroy anything, look at them from summer last year, peacefully sunbathing on one seat together. Yes I too was fooled.......

So nearly a year went by, with the terrible twins having their way with the garden, and causing destruction with the lawn.

The snow came, which actually made the garden look very pretty, but the snow melted..... Then came the spring, which as you will have gathered, doesn't like me!

Yes, the two innocent scoundrels who dug out a hole in the shape of a heart, a heart no less, how sweet and just to show us how much they love us, really they do!!!!

No amount of looking away will make me think it wasn't them.....

But then, just as I had started to give up on the garden thinking dogs & gardens don't mix, I shocked myself. There in front of me as I walked across the garden today I saw a site that made me fall off my moaning perch (yes indeedie!!).

What could have stopped me from whining and burst into Danny Kaye
song (title inspiration) & An altered windmill in Amsterdam song below (god
help us) I hear you ask?!

I saw the Camillia, where,

Just over there,

Just over where, right there (by our BBQ),

A lovely evergreen with beautiful red flowers,

And yes I declare, I went skip, skippidy, skip to my iphone - and took some photos, oh yeah!

I was assured in the garden center that this plant would love being placed there (I described the terrain and amount of light etc), and sure enough, it clearly does as can be seen from my pictures.

It looks beautiful, as will the rest of the plants once they awaken. Therefore, note to self, re-turf garden, train dogs not to use it as toilet or for escaping from their Stalag Luft (which you can see they would like you to think their home was but we have seen their earlier photo's haven't we, sunbathing!) and then happy story ending with,

Where's that ugly garden, not mine!


  1. I absolutely love camelias. I've been pondering about putting a few in my back garden.
    Had a laugh at the dogs antics too. Funny how they know they've done the wrong thing and think you can't see them if they look the other way!! haha! Love it!


  2. Thank you so much maa, I know you follow Laura's blog so it thrills me to see that you have taken a peek at mine. The next posting is a wee bit more risky and may initially make Laura blush and rush to think what is on her top shelf!!

    Laura's post is quite stunning, and their home looks wonderful. I hope Anders and I get to see it someday as both Lloyd and Laura are such good friends of ours and we have not seen them in quite a while! The blog however lets them see what we are up to, and what I have been up to or thinking!

    Enjoy my postings, and hope we speak again. Joanna