Monday, 26 April 2010

If you go down to the woods today....

Well, it was Sunday actually and we did .........
Instead of the 3 bears, you would have seen Dexter, Marvin & Carly, (and Anders & I of course). It was so beautiful, we are going to go back again very soon.



  1. So nice to hear from you, and yes it was, we all loved it and are going to go back there Mountain Biking as there are fantastic tracks from beginner to championship level and as you can imagine it goes on for miles and miles. What is even more wonderful is it is only about a 40 minute car trip from the city so we can enjoy the best of both worlds. Really lovely to hear from you, and I am new to Blog and found your site funny (not of course the murder which I was just speechless at and hope you and your family are slowly getting over it). Thanks for letting me use the picture, I like it a lot but had a lot of difficulty deciding what was the happiest moment, as actually there have been rather a few things in it that have made me laugh a lot(sometimes with shock and sometimes because they were just such great moments, like this one was). Joanna