Monday, 19 April 2010

Volcanic Ash & Hayfever don't mix!!!

Well, Saturday was awful for me because of the Volcanic Ash that clearly made its way across Edinburgh & Scotland. I felt like my head was locked by a vice and look it as you can see in the photo (sympathy please). They said some people would have reactions to it but didn't think it would pose a big problem!!

Anders, went to the gym, and I promised Dexter I would go with him too as the gym was also showing on their large TV's the football match between Manchester City & Manchester United. Dexter had never seen a football match before, but he says he supports Manchester City! We therefore watched half of the game, as by that point Andrew had finished his session. Although the match had been billed to start at 12 noon, the match started at least 40 minutes later, and the first half lasted 45 minutes at which point the game was 0-0. Too much waffle for an 8 year old before a match to start I say!

I then went home and slept, my head was so sore, and Dexter and his daddy went off and had a lovely day together!!! They had a lovely day shopping and eating Japanese noodles, not that Dexter looks as though he is having a great time though, perhaps that is to make his mummy feel less bad, or perhaps he knew the outcome of the results?!

Results for the football match Man U beat Man City, not that Dexter seemed too bothered by that when he came home, clearly a very good sport!!

Sunday was slightly better for me with regards to my ongoing battle with the elements, but not by much! However we needed to drive to Dumfries to see Anders Granny as his Auntie Mary (eldest of her 5 daughters and sister of Anders mother Rita) had died, and we wanted to see she was ok. When we arrived the car from the journey had looked as though it had been covered in a salty soot like substance, at which point Andrew could understand why instead of my hayfever getting better it had gotten worse. That said, Anders (my local doctor!) being the ever optomistic finder of cures to ailments found "local honey" made from "local bees & tree pollen" which he thought would cure my hayfever so we bought some! Dexter just looked cool and lovely like he always does (if not slightly sarcastic, come to think of it, so does Anders!!!! Are they making fun of me?).

Gran Perry is lovely as always, and she does put on a brave face. She had been off to the garden centre that morning to buy a plant with money she had been given to get something to remember her daughter Mary by and had chosen a lovely climbing plant which sprouts white flowers.

Toby the dog on the other hand seemed extremely happy in the photographic hands of Dexter! I have never seen such a happy dog, and so human like....

So in summary of Volcanic Ash on Saturday & Sunday - skys were very overcast, cars and lungs covered in ash dust and flights across the UK are still cancelled. The cancellation of flights I can completely understand and even as I write I know our good friends daughter Mary who is in fact over in the UK looking at Universities (god I feel old, I remember when Jill told me she was pregnant and it doesn't seem that long ago) and they have had to get her back to France on the Ferry from Rosyth as she is meant to start school again today but will not now until Wednesday as her ferry trip is tomorrow and by the time she gets to Strasburg it will be Wednesday evening!

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