Monday, 19 April 2010

Well the Rufus Wainwright concert was really enjoyable, the first half was his opera, which I would have enjoyed more if I could have understood his words, but the Usher Hall still doesn't have great accoustics, and I never thought it had, but it is a nice venue. That said, the second half was really good, and again, although the accoustics could have been better, he interacted with the audience and we all thought he came across as a really lovely guy, very funny and given he was dressed like Rupert the Bear with his tarten trousers and large green bow, just adourable!!

Pizza Express on the other hand in Stockbridge was a joke, we went there for some pizza before the show (thought it would be a nice way to start off the weekend), and we duly sat, ordered our food and then proceeded to watch the other 4 tables round us (who came in after us) order, get their food, and eat it. Where was ours, yes indeedie! I grabbed the waiter who said, "yes I had been wondering, I will go and get it immediately". I looked at Anders and said "give him two minutes to bring the food, and then we leave and there is no way I am paying for the drinks we have had they can stuff it". Sure enough, the food didn't arrive, so we started to walk out. As I grabbed the manager on the way out to say how disgusted I had been with their service, I could see our waiter coming up the stairs with our starters, looking for us! We would have had to bolt our starters and main courses down in 30 minutes! Not impressed, and I can understand why we have given it a miss for a long time!
Instead we all grabbed a Fish & Chips (not very healthy I know) and ate them in the park whilst walking Carly & Marvin.

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