Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Christmas spirit captured on the i-phone

I took this picture on the i-phone the other day of the Christmas Tree, and it appears to have come to life - is this a little Christmas Spirit!!!

This is the snowman Dexter made for me which was really sweet of him.
Even though he and I are both coughing and spluttering with some cold bug, we are both finding pieces of magic in this run up to Christmas.  Anders, he is too, and is even going to be one of Santa's messengers on Christmas Eve for a friend from Dexter's school's daughters birthday party.  Her daughter is in one of the younger classes so doesn't know Andrew or I from School, but either way, even if she did recognise him it would be ok as he is a designated "official Santa helper based in Edinburgh" who has been called in to make sure all will be fantastic!!!

  The kids are all going to write out last minute wishes to Santa and Andrew (who is going to be dressed up as an "official Santa helper based in Edinburgh") is going to arrive to collect them and make sure Santa gets them in time for Christmas Day, hope I get to capture this, but even if I don't I will get to see the letters!


  1. Sounds fun. I hope you get to feeling better soon! All that fun in the snow must've caught up to you, eh?? I love that one of the ornament!! Is that also with PictureShow?

  2. These were with Hipstamatic Anika! I have just had a nice hot bath, and am sitting drinking a hot cup of tea to try to get this knocked on the head! I hope we feel better soon too, but it is not taking away from us getting Christmassy!

  3. great shots. hope you feel better!