Friday, 3 December 2010

Communist Villans!

Lies and spies.....
Vladimir Ulyanov KGB assassin - at large!

There is something about being surrounded by all this snow makes me think of Poland in the 1960's/1970's - cold war spy's and communist plots!  Maybe it is my over active imagination, but at the Richard Demarco talk (Richard was really friendly with the likes of Joseph Beuys - the German Andy Warhol who actually lived in Edinburgh for a while) I went to the other day, brought out some real characters who I think all had a cold war spy look to them!  

Comrade Borowski - KVD Analyst - in custody!

I have not seen Richard for many years (he is now 80), and the last time I did (about 18 years ago) he took me to see his portrait in the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh (which Anders thought was really funny as he and I were newly weds and now remarks "Joanna's milkshake brings all the granddad's to the yard" - how nice!!!)... think it was because Richard knew I had Polish roots so he took a shine to me!

Simon Bloch - Stasi Informant - been turned!
Here is my Mum in the back celebrating a cold war Christmas!
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  1. I know I say this all the time, but I love your flashbacks. They're so much more than just a photo and a caption.

    ALSO, I've gotten the emails that you've sent me, and every time I go to respond, its sent back to me! :(