Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Life is one big intertwining movie....

Video inspiration is not something I had really contemplated until Anika put it up as a challenge!  I suppose that is what challenges are all about taking you out of your normal thought process.  So for me it felt like having to write an essay (I know, god help us) in a way to justify or clarify in my head what I was doing/seeing!  

Having really gotten hooked on taking photographs earlier this year my eyes now take on an additional role.  They have become my own camera with the gadgets and lenses I use being different glasses for a crude interpretation.  My eyes and brain are now desperately trying to get what I am feeling, seeing and experiencing conveyed through whatever gadget I am using, getting my brain to try and process it so it can be shared with whoever might find it of interest in a way that will mean something to them too, not least of all me and my loved ones. I have become more aware of those little moments that can pass you by but are actually in themselves something meaningful (if you want it to be) - good, bad, pretty and ugly as that is life.

So video inspiration is another take on it.  The interesting videos you see (the ones that make you feel something), is just an animation of a series of images which make the situation come to life.  Movies are images in motion!  Without sound you have a silent movie, maybe for some that is a good thing!  Photographs too therefore are in themselves interpretations of what the person having taken them has chosen to see.  Sometimes they are well articulated and other times not, a bit like storytelling, neither of which I profess to be good at!  The above picture as an example your brain naturally process it into something with meaning, but without images before or after it or a narrative it is left to your imagination as it is only one piece of something bigger.  

This image because of it's wintry landscape and of course the Christmas Trees, having followed the above picture potentially now give your brain a connection (two pieces of a puzzle), so in effect here is maybe the start of a story.

So this task turned out to push me into trying to articulate what images mean to me in a way that I am still trying to get my head around and that is what makes it an interesting journey for me!   I have so many ideas and images which I would like to share and I feel like I am changing because of it.  Not changing in who I am, but opening up a part of my brain which I didn't use in this way, and in doing so I am on a journey, innocently meandering and exploring like a child although with the brain of a grown up (at times) - sounding like Freaky Friday!!  

Movies and videos are to me are a whole series of images that combined together make up a story.  Cinematography can be really beautiful, like a photograph.  Each frame, when done right, in itself can be an amazing image and I now am so aware of that when I watch the tv or a film this is also what in some cases I notice and am blown away by - inspired by in the same way that I can be flicking through a story, image, magazine, newspaper, book, blog, blah, blah, blah.

So I will end on the home video which given the impromptu nature of it please forgive my awful appearance!  I thought that this might serve as my family's collaboration!  One, it captures Dexter and I decorating the Christmas tree in our extension, and two it was taken on the Olympus Pen, my lovely camera which I use to take photographs.  The video means something to us, but I also hope demonstrates through my blog entry what I was trying to say in this post which I have done for ACoLab - photographs are a series of moving images that make up a video and story!

Also, I am a guest writer over at Anika's  which is really exciting.  I hope my story about Santa makes you laugh, and who knows you may pick up a tip or two!!!


  1. Wow! So you did do a video!! Funny but doing a video for the first video inspiration didn't occur to me. Isn't the odd?? Thanks for submitting! I think this round scared people off! ;)

    Lovely post. I will let you know when the next round is up.

  2. Anika, it scared me too as I couldn't get my head round it. I was going to do something else, and then I thought of videoing decorating the tree, and well the rest happened as a result of me going to bed, sleeping with all of this buzzing in my head, waking up at 3 in the morning to dump my thoughts onto a blog post and then going back to bed to sleep! I am gladI did it and thanks for lending me your ear!

  3. I love projects that really make you stop and think. I couldn't view the video (some YouTube problem) but I loved reading about the process.

  4. Thank you Jamie for reading this, and sorry you couldn't see the video, hopefully YouTube will sort itself out.