Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Muscles the Viking robber from Dundee!

My Anders, I think he looks Nordic with his blond flowing hair and beard and moustache, but he is no robber and he is not from Dundee!

He is very mischievous and funny....

 .... so given I am now on the topic of Nordic and Vikings, Dexter had to write a biography today about a fictitious character (I know I am trying to get my head round that but I like the story he came up with).  He decided to write a story about a made up person called Muscles the Viking robber from Dundee.  It went like this:

Muscles was born in a village just outside Dundee in the year 1301.  He came from a poor family, his father was a carpenter and his mother a seamstress.  His Father was known as the Village Idiot!

Muscles was made fun of because he was so dumb and weak.  One day he got so fed up of being the weakest in the village , when he got home, he lifted one potato in each hand.  The second day two potatoes in each hand until he could lift one hundred potatoes in each hand.

Eventually he was the strongest in his village so the first thing he decided to do was to go and steal a potato from the Greengrocer.  He was so pleased with himself, he decided to be a robber!

Well he definitely has inherited a lot of Ander's genes as he definitely has an imagination and a sense of humour too.

On a different note, I am a guest writer over at Anika's  which is really exciting.  I hope my story about Santa makes you laugh, and who knows you may pick up a tip or two!!!  Maybe I have some humour too?

Alternatively, if you would like to see a video of us Decorating our Christmas Tree it is at the end of this post link...

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  1. He does look Nordic... you could easily put one of those Viking hats on him and he'd look the part! :)

  2. He does, and I did photograph him in (not a Viking hat), but a Scandinavian hat at

  3. I love the way you capture life...these photos of your husband are very nice!

  4. Dexter is hilarious and so talented! Love his story.