Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Would you like some of my spicy hot chocolate?

I did, it made me laugh a dirty laugh and it was yummy!

So my happiness over the past day has been being able to get out of the house as I have been so unwell.  This is what I got to see with these short video clips that I took!

One thing about having flu (and it does make me happy) is that my voice gets even more deep and husky - the only time I like hearing it!

Then back home to watch Dexter get so excited at playing his main Christmas Present, Kinetic with the Sports game which he just loves and I have to say, it is extremely good.

So despite being unwell, I have been happy spending time with the people that I love very much and hope you are all having a wonderfully happy time too ;-)



  1. that spicy hot chocolate looks good. Glad you are feeling better.

  2. Cool footage...did you film that on the iphone?
    Found you on the happiness project.

  3. Sorry you were sick, but glad you were able to have fun. ( I like the deep "sick" voice too) LOL

  4. I hate being sick but when my voice gets that, I do enjoy hearing it. It makes me laugh!

  5. I hope you feel better soon.

  6. These videos wouldn't let me watch, unfortunately (embedding disabled by request), but I hope you get well soon!


  7. Thanks for all your comments, and Sue sorry you couldn't watch them, the embedding being disabled shouldn't stop you from watching though? I am not 100% well yet but I am a lot better and the one bright thing about it having the husky voice!!

    Dixie Mom, I did video them on the i-phone and very nice to meet you.

  8. I hope that you feel better soon.

  9. Thank you Leigh, I am feeling a lot better each and every day.