Monday, 27 December 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday but on Monday!

Family, not always picture perfect, but it is what you make it.  

Well this was the picture I submitted (not thinking it would ever be accepted) and it was accepted and as a result was featured on Lenscratch and is being published along with the other entries in this category that were featured by Aline Smithson.  In a way, getting this accolade has been the catalyst for me really starting to think about what photographs can say and mean and lead onto, a bit like this blog. 

My immediate family is Anders the husband I adore, me and the son which we both absolutely wholeheartedly adore, Dexter.

As I have been really very unwell with the flu, I am so glad to have had my two boys with me and we have had a lovely time together.  My sister didn't manage to make it over after all which was a disappointment, but given that I was so unwell, it was probably for the best as I would not have wanted her to catch this.  We did however have a wonderful Christmas, and one of the presents I received was a fantastic book on the past 150 years of photo journalism.  I have not picked up the camera for the last few days, but now that I am feeling a lot better I am about to start playing with it and the new lenses which were under the tree.

Christmas, much like motion has passed in a blur.  The one thing that for us that has held true is sharing of lots of unconditional love for us make us feel safe and secure.  We had a lovely Christmas Day, it was simple and really nice.

and the prettiest package of all was Dexter as he is just one big bundle of wrapped up love and was just so happy on Christmas morning seeing what Santa had brought him for being such a great boy.

Glow, well that is something that you feel when all is right with the world.

and then you feel all sparkly and happy!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


    1. Glad to hear you are all feeling better and had a nice Christmas.

    2. I love that your first picture will be featured - congrats...and I love your glow shot. Well done!

    3. Love, love love all your photos!!! They're all so wonderfully creative and different from any others 'out there' :) (faves in this batch are blur and glow <3)

      And, many thanks for the GORGEOUS calendar that arrived safe and sound just in time for Christmas!!! It cheered me greatly!

      I'm sorry to hear you've been so ill...feel better soon, 'k?? Hugs from Finland!

    4. Anika, this cold was rotten, and I am so glad that I am feeling better and thank you so much for your kind thoughts. Hope to speak with you soon.

      Ashley, thank you I am glad you liked the pictures and hope you enjoy the rest of this festive period.

    5. Tezzie, Merry Christmas to you! I am so pleased that the calendar arrived safely and that you like it, that is great. I am also delighted that you like the photos, you are so kind in what you have said and I really appreciate it. I am feeling better now and hopefully that will continue.

      Big hugs and kisses to you all too (thankfully over the internet so you won't catch my cooties!) ;-)

    6. Sorry you were unwell but glad you managed to have a nice Christmas.

    7. ♡ your snow angel shot! It's perfect.... :)