Sunday, 12 December 2010

Christmas Tree dressing

All was quiet, all was still, and holiday for me means blue skies, but in the US it means Christmas.  You say potato I say potato!
I hope the magic of Christmas comes to us all.
 When I think of the magic of Christmas, to me the perfect film is "It's a Wonderful Life"and something about this photo made me think of it.

There are many Christmas Icons, but I think the one that has to be No: 1 is of course the baby Jesus, but I cannot find my nativity snow globe, so instead it will have to be one which I really like, I mean how can you not like Nightmare before Christmas?

How often do you see people making such a fuss about making Christmas "perfect" and with this film I love how he gives all the wrong presents but is doing it because he genuinely wants the best end result.  We have all received gifts which were given with the best of intentions but were so completely wrong!  My Mum was a classic at getting gifts wrong.  She was perfect at it and so unintentionally comedic.  That said those memories I wouldn't change for anything as years later I can still remember the gifts, how wrong they were and laugh about it with such affection as they really were like something out of a sitcom.  She will be shaking her fist at me in heaven but also laughing as I write this saying "how could you write that"!

The snow has thawed in the city centre (although we are apparently going to get another cold snap this coming week).  So roads being clear we got the AA to start the car yesterday evening, and today we ventured off to the Dalmeny estate (which is really lovely) to get our Christmas Tree.

Outside Edinburgh it is still covered with snow, even though it is literally only about 9 miles out of Edinburgh and whilst there we saw so many people we knew, obviously we were all thinking the same thing as we were now all mobile again with the roads cleared!

Having returned home Dexter, Anders and I dressed the tree with various ornaments including some of my favourites which are glass ladies all dressed up in vintage clothes, and whilst I don't have a favourite colour as such, I do love a red lipstick every now and again!  There are too many fantastic colours out there, each having a time and a place whenever that takes your fancy!

Holiday colours, Winter/Holiday Icon/ a tree/ quiet and favourite colour were the prompts for this weeks Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Unknown Mami


  1. Another great hunt - there is something really interesting about the second shot! Have a great week.

  2. I like your ornaments. Especially the woman. My granddaughters loved, "Nightmare Before Christmas". And "It's a Wonderful Life," is my husbands favorite Christmas movie. Thanks for the photos and story.

  3. You are always so creative with your scavenger hunt. I still love that image of the tree, so pretty.

  4. You know I've never seen Nightmare Before Christmas. I need to watch it this year. Thanks for reminding me.

  5. Thanks for your leaving me comments, and hope it has inspired you to get out these two films and watch them, they are great.