Thursday, 16 December 2010

Freezing temperatures and more snow forecast!

Outside the snow has melted, and the only traces of it are huge ugly big black mounds of it in supermarket car parks and on lawns where people have shovelled it in a bid to get roads cleared when it first fell.  Think I will take some photographs of that and will post them up later!  In central Edinburgh however, there is very little of that to be seen, although some streets still have ice on the pavements/roads which don't have a lot of traffic, and therefore the gritters have not ventured.

This morning, I opened the curtains and saw very light snow falling again, which turned to rain and then snow again.  It is not heavy enough to settle and accumulate, however, we are told that this is about to change and that we are to be prepared for another dose of snow 5 - 10 cm!  Will we therefore have a white Christmas and if so will people freeze and panic too?  

Today as I dropped Dexter off at School and chatted to some of the other parents who I bumped into some said that they hoped it wasn't going to happen as they were needing to be out and about and you could see some anxiousness starting to creep in, which I can understand.  I am much more chilled about it however as neither I or anyone else have any control over whether the weather will decide to dump more snow on us or not.  

I know people who are planning to travel to loved ones in other parts (here and abroad) next week and of course now don't know if this will happen and you can see the start of tension building up.  I of course have my sister flying over too but also see no point in worrying over what you cannot control and it is not usual for me to be so "chilled".  

Because I cannot control what I can't control, I am not going to fight over food supplies either, which I can see happening if people start to panic buy if the weather looks as though it is going to close in.  I have not set a menu in my head, and will make a feast even though it might not be a Turkey as is the normal tradition over here!

So for now, the outside weather seems to be the "hot" topic of conversation which is not going to freeze up any time soon!



  1. I'm not a fan of this type of weather - it does create panic and people don't know how to act. Now with that said, I should probably get booted up and take a few pictures.

  2. I like the winter weather... for the first month or so, until after Christmas. Then -- sun and summer, please!!!

    Beautiful blue tones in your photos.

  3. Normally here people seem calm with regards to snow, but I think because it came so unexpectedly early and also severe it caused shock. That coupled with the fact it is so close to Christmas is I think what is really making people panic, one of the reasons I have not specifically planned what we are having, Dexter would like turkey, and if we are meant to have one, then that is what will be on our table!

    I do understand, and actually I think it is worse for those on their own, ill and/or infirm, but then so long as you try to help those you know fall into this if they are close by then all will hopefully turn out ok.

  4. I'm not sure what these are pictures of - but they are totally cool!! I think being unsure of what I'm looking at makes them even cooler! :-)

  5. I love your chilled out attitude, I need to pick up on it.

  6. Jamie, I am not always chilled, but in situations where I have no control like managing the weather, I fell like it is the only way to survive!

    Carrie, glad you like these, they are actually the frozen pipes which keep the ice rink in Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh frozen!

  7. I like your attitude - what's going to happen is beyond our control, so no use worrying about it before it has even happened! Love the photos, too.