Monday, 6 December 2010

Supermarket shelves are bare:

and so are the ones in my house!
The bacon, fish and produce isles!
The snow is falling again, it started at some point this morning before I opened the curtains.  When I did I could see that about 1 inch of snow had fallen in city centre Edinburgh (believe me this doesn't happen, but over the last 10 days we have seen 8 inches fall, and today that is a further 2 inches), and it has not stopped since then.  My car which I cleared of snow on Saturday now has at least 2 inches on it, before I cleared it it had about 8 inches on it!  Not that I have been able to move the car as I would need to dig it out from all the snow round it, and then the driving conditions are really poor not to mention I doubt I would then find a space to park it again!  So we are going everywhere on foot.  Out with the city centre it is several feet of snow.
The fruit and veg isle - only a few things left here

Normally this cabinet is full of eggs (not books like the sign reads, but yes I am sure that at some point we might just have to start eating them (I am only joking)) - there are none!
Now I know I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs that the shelves in my nearest supermarket along with the freezers were bare, well went there this morning and that was the case again, not even any eggs left!

This isle is normally full of cold meats, ready made meals, pack lunch type foods etc.... Emptyish!
Anders and I therefore ventured to the main local high street with the sledge to get some food as we were out of fruit/veg, juice, tinned foods and dry goods like pasta etc!
This isle has root vegetables normally - only onions left!
So over for now from your roving reporter Ms Hubbard here in Snow City!

Dexter on route to school this morning!

I do now have a few things in to eat, so you can all sigh a sigh of relief - Anders, Dexter and I will have food to eat tonight - ho, ho, ho!


  1. my! i wonder why they're really empty. it's kinda intimidating to think about it. have a good week!

  2. They are empty because the big lorries that do the deliveries cannot get to them, and when the deliveries do get in, they need the staff to put them on the shelves and they cannot get in! I know, it is very surprising but you know, it still is really beautiful out there and all will come good you just have to be positive about it and not panic!

  3. Wow those shelves are empty. Glad you got a little food. Hope the roads clear up soon.

  4. Oh no, you better find a supermarket to shop for the things you need before heavy snow comes.

    Yellow Leaves are so much fun for kids!

  5. You know I am actually quite relaxed about it, no point in worrying about what you cannot fix.

  6. I've never seen anything like that! Probably because I'm a place that gets lots of snow and is prepared for it. However, because I live 20 minutes from a store and on a mountain, I tend to stock up so I could go a week or two without a trip to the market in the winter. Hope the weather changes soon so you can dig back out.

  7. Just let me know if you need me to send you some snacks! ;)

  8. holy crapoly! It's like there's a war or something. My mum (who will be 70 this year) says she cannot remember ever having snow like this. Her and dad haven't really been able to get out at all cos every time she clears the drive and the car it snows again!

  9. It does feel like there is a "keep the home fires burning" spirit over here, and I have never seen anything like this either, hence why we are so caught out. Thank you for the offer of snacks, but we are ok on that front, shops are full of those and this morning we are having porridge for breakfast with some honey and nuts! Have taken a photo of it so it might just go up on your i-phone linky today.

  10. I was considering baking bread with the kids (6 snow days and you start thinking crazy stuff...!) but I went off the idea when I found the Co-Op next door was full of food - we've been really lucky - my OH has been in Edinburgh since Sunday - hope he gets up the M90 tonight!