Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Turning away from the dark.....

We watched Dr Who on Christmas Day.  It was the Dr Who Christmas Story, and this year it was about saying that Christmas day is (in the planet they were on) when you turn away from the dark and into the light.  

Whilst watching it Anders, Dexter and I were full to the brim of yummy food and had settled down in front of the telly all snuggled up and warm, happy to be cuddled up on the floor.  We were felling relaxed enough and just in the right mood for a story in front of the telly snuggled under warm blankets lying on the floor in one big pack (in our case that really is the case as it includes our dogs and cat)!

So the Christmas Dr Who tale begun, and whilst watching it I was struck by the message behind their Christmas Special - which was a scrooge tale but also being the half way point in winter in which people everywhere turn away from the dark and into the light.  Is that something subconsciously we started to feel?  Was Christmas Day the half way point of Winter where we started to look forward to the beginning of spring?

the glow of a fire

The end of a year

The start of new beginnings

What the future will bring is never clear

Except for knowing those you love you will love
The joy and light that they bring is what, if you keep a focus on, will make everything bright.
A new year will dawn and the darkness which marks the end of a year will pass!


  1. That's a wonderful thought and so true too. I love knowing that the light is coming back a little more each day now. I'll have to check out that Doctor Who.

  2. Colleen, it was a really good Dr Who, and yes, it is nice to know that the light is starting to come back.

  3. I love Dr. Who...the old ones especially.