Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The body......

Yesterday I went Ice Skating with Dexter after having spent an hour at the Botanics taking photographs of plants.  It was a great day, my head was buzzing with Imogen Cunningham inspiration, and then to go to ice skating with Dexter was just such a lovely start to what was the second last day of the official Scottish holidays marking the festive season.

We had a great time there, I have not been skating for at least 20 years, and Dexter and I had a ball so much so we are going to do it again today as it made us both so happy.  

Unmade bed

So as I awoke this morning to my unmade bed, I thought about how I had used my body in ways that I had not done for some time and in celebration of that and still thinking about my muse of January, Imogen Cunningham, this is what I captured and it made me happy:-

My feet can still skate even though they have not done so in the last 20 years!
My feet, they might not be pretty but I do love what they can still do!
Even though my skating days were a blur of the past, I quickly remembered how to do it, it is like riding a bike, you don't forget! 
My frilly knickers!
I like this photo of me!
Self Portrait


  1. Beautiful photos and I agree nothing like challenging your body and realizing it can still do things you remember from years gone by.

  2. Jamie, I am so thrilled that you liked these photos which I took on the i-phone. It is great to challenge both your mind, body and soul in good ways, and ice skating with Dexter was just so lovely.....

  3. Skating is like biking I think you never forget how to do that. Love the set.
    Greetings from Finland

  4. Beautiful photos. I want to take the kids skating soon. I haven't done it in probably 20 years as well. Good to know it should come back to me.

  5. These are great photos. And what fun it must have been to rediscover an old pastime and make it new again.


  6. Hello Henrietta, it is very nice to see you and thank you for leaving a comment, it is really appreciated and I am glad you liked this set.

    Secret Mom Thoughts, We are just back from skating again, and it was just as much fun. Dexter is getting pretty hooked on it and when you do decide to go with your kids, I look forward to hearing all about it.

    Sue, thank you for the compliment, it is fun, a lot of fun!

  7. Joanna, these are so lovely. I love the unmade bed shot too. I can see the IC inspiration here as well. It thrills me to pieces that you got so inspired by the ACoLab. That's the whole idea for that project so it's really awesome to see it in effect. That just makes the whole thing worth it.

  8. This is a great set of photos. I really love the self portrait, you look so ephemeral and light!

  9. As a child, I grew up in California and had only roller skated. But when I started taking my daughters ice skating I found it to be similar and loved it. Love your photos also. They have a dreamy quality.

  10. Anika, again I am genuinely thrilled that you like these, and that you can see Imogen coming through in these images too. I love, love, love what you have done, and it is me that has you to thank for putting together what is a fantastic year of inspiration. Big hugs and kisses to you too from me.

    Leigh, I am so glad you like these too and my "self portrait". This series again came down to me being inspired by Imogen Cunningham (I did a post the day before which was the start of this months inspiration dedicated to her), and I am in awe of what she did as one of the pioneers of photography. If you liked these, you should take a look at her work which I have a link up to. I look forward to seeing more of you in 2011.

    Bell, ice skating was really a lot of fun, especially as I did it with my son and we have started the year on making new memories together in something that I know we will both remember. My husband too wants to join as he is thrilled at how enthusiastic we are about it, and so this might even see us as a family embarking upon some lessons - a family on ice - that is a scary thought so hold on to your boot straps! ;-)

    All my best wishes to you all xo