Thursday, 13 January 2011

She sells sea shells on the sea shore!

Shells, we all look out for them when we are walking along the beach, and when we find them it is like finding a piece of treasure.  It is a bit like holding onto a memory or a hope and making it tangible like a photograph.

I like to think my camera does this, and looking at the photo of Dexter I am laughing (and cursing because I just missed getting the photograph because I was so surprised/dazed/hypnotised, although that too makes the memory) a strange dog came up to Dexter and cocked his leg up very close by but must missed his leg although not by much and it was literally over in a split second!


  1. Superb captures and such true words! I never tire of walking on the beach and seeing the shells and wondering what they've seen and where have they come from! Glad the dog missed Dexter!! Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. I'm dying for a trip to the ocean, even if there's snow...

  3. Corinne and Sylvia, thank you for stopping by and leaving a note. The beach for me is always a great place to go as there is always something going on.

    Hope you get to visit there soon Corinne, and Sylvia, Dexter and I too were glad the dog missed him.