Sunday, 2 January 2011

Torch parade....

Every year just before Hogmanay, there is a torch light parade which starts in the city's old town in the Royal Mile and travels down the Mound, along Princes Street and up to Carlton Hill where a whole lot of fireworks are let off.  It is genuinely a really lovely thing to do as it is such a positive experience with everyone holding up torches of light like a passage from the old and into the new.

As we passed by the Bank which sits on the mound, I noticed that the chimney was working, something which I have never seen before, and with the dome of the building which reminds me a little of St Paul's Cathedral in London, I couldn't help but think of the fact that the day before the parade saw St Paul's celebrate surviving the blitz bombing with it's iconic photograph which was taken in london 70 years earlier!

St Paul's Cathedral after the blitz bombing of London taken 29th December 1940.

Once the fireworks are over, people still sit around and celebrate with friends....

and enjoy celebrating the light.

Unknown Mami



  1. What a lovely celebration. Happy New Year!

  2. The photos are amazing. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. That sounds really interesting-- It must be a sight to see in person! Thanks for sharing.

    Happy New Year and happy SIMC, jj

  4. WOW! that is such a cool thing to do! I just love your photos!!

  5. Hello Ladies, and thank you all for leaving a comment. I am so glad that you liked them and that you thought it was interesting. It really is a moving thing to do in many ways, with all the lights on in the city, and music playing through loud speakers which is apt for this type of parade. Hope 2011 is a great year for you all.

  6. sounds like a very cool way to begin the new year. great pictures, thanks for sharing!

  7. wow, these are so awesome!

  8. Amy and Jen, thank you so much for posting me a comment. Your kind comments and words flatter me and I am very appreciative and humbled by them. Wishing you all the very best and hope the torches that light up your life in 2011 are amazing.