Sunday, 9 January 2011

Putting things together.....

Self portrait

This is a snapshot of me, a reflective snapshot in time which was inspired by Imogen Cunningham who I am inspired by and using as my muse for this month for which I thank Anika who hosts ACoLab for.  

Time always ticking, yet in photographs frozen.  I don't tend to make resolutions, but I do understand how there is a primitive urge to do this especially when one year draws to a close and a new year starts.  This year however I was more reflective however and in part because of this challenge I have had to think about how to communicate "reflective" and well it all comes down to making the most of time.  Ultimately for me it is to make the most of time and enjoy it busy, quiet, static doesn't matter just to make the most of it and remember time should be......


Hand on Heart

Kiss, hug, kiss.

With the ones I love and love me right back and for that am and always will be eternally grateful, happy and content and feel time is worthwhile and special because it is fleeting like a flower!

I also think there is something innocent about these flowers.  I captured them in black and white which was my original inspiration for my month's Imogen Cunningham inspiration.  If you like flowers, then you might like the ones I took over there.

 primitive desires.....

Which for me and my husband resulted in, the most treasured of all, our son who we will love, cherish, nurture and protect all our days.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


  1. I love the tic-tac-toe (x-o-x) interpretation for "Treasured"! =)

  2. I am glad you like this interpretation. In the UK the game is called naughts and crosses and I know most people know it as tic-tac-toe. This came to me the other day and it made me smile so I am so glad you like it too and thank you for letting me know I do appreciate it.

  3. The treasured heart in the hand needs to be framed :) The pink in those flowers is so fresh and such a pretty hue. Glad you put the color back in the edit!

  4. Nicely done - I think I actually like your selfie - it's very abstract looking and I like that. Have a great week.

  5. Thank you style attic for leaving me a comment. I to liked the flowers in colour, but I also really liked them in black and white and was actually the way I went out to photograph all the flowers I took.

    Ashley, hope you too have a good week and thank you for saying you like my self portrait.

  6. I agree with your thought that there's something innocent about those flowers - they're amazingly delicate & pure. Great photos!