Monday, 3 January 2011

Destination Unknown - inspired by Imogen Cunningham

Fairy Lights
I am so excited.  Why?  Well I am inspired, that is why.  Anika over at ACoLab has put up various "extra inspirations" over there and she has picked ones that I just love.  

For January, I have chosen Imogen Cunningham as my extra inspiration:  

Imogen Cunningham was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest.  She began her photographic studies at the University of Washington and went on to become one of photography's early pioneers and commenced what became one of the longest photographic careers in the history of the medium.

In the 1920's, Cunningham turned her attention to artistic nudes of friends and family and the study of plant forms found in her garden. The results are staggering; an amazing body of work comprised of bold, contemporary forms.

soft and hard

I love the work she did, and because she had various subject matters, I am going to use her as my muse inspiration for this month and try and tackle a number of her subject matters which is going to be hard because she did nudes, plant forms, and portraits and they were incredible.  
Mother Nature sees all

I don't for one minute think that what I will produce will be as iconic as what she did, what it will do however is provide me with a focus in which to experiment and challenge and educate myself, after all that is what the early pioneers of photography did, and photography to me is my own way of exploring me, what I see, what I want to express and I do love contemporary art a lot!

This is so exciting, and I hope that you enjoy what to me feels like the start of a journey to Destination Unknown - although maybe for me that will be getting to understand Imogen Cunningham a little more and tackling subjects that I have not!

So firstly, thank you Anika for coming up with such stunning inspirations for 2011, I feel like 2011 is the start of a long journey for me......

Soft to the touch
Past it's prime
Bamboo Garden
V is for ...
Hanging fruit
Fanny Fan Fan...



  1. What an incredible inspiration!

  2. She really is an amazing photographer and when you think when she was taking photographs you realise how inspirational she really was and I just hope I do her justice as it is quite a challenge. As you can see today I thought I would try and tackle plants and spent nearly an hour in the Botanics which was actually really lovely.

  3. I like "Dangerous" - beautiful depth of field and tones in that orchid image.

  4. Kala, thank you for leaving a comment and I am glad you liked "Dangerous".

  5. these are great photos. i love that this photographer is inspiring you to do something different!