Sunday, 16 January 2011

Musing over 35mm very out of date film and cameras.....

Taking photographs of things that I see is becoming an extension of me, the way I think, the things I observe, the things that move me and make me me.  By extension, I am challenging myself to go back to when I first fell in love with trying to express what I came across and try and pick up the pieces from where I left it, which in reality is actually an aspect of me that I now know has something interesting to say, sometimes!   In truth I didn't develop and value what I did then because I didn't think it was something that I did any better than anyone else so why do it and who would be interested!  Now I realise that actually that all doesn't matter, I should do it because being better than anyone else is not what it is about as there will always be people out there who are better at taking photographs and explaining their meaning far far better than I can.  I do it because it makes me happy, and makes me a better me.  I am doing it because having picked up a camera again and seeing what I do through it makes me see and feel more than I might otherwise in its fullest and most positive sense and that makes me a better person (I hope for me and my loved ones).

Aliens decided not to beam the ship up

Processing the photographs from my 35mm Contax on Saturday was exciting and since finishing the one film, I have taken another 3 spools because we went on an adventure today around an abandoned Insane Asylum which took Anders, Dexter and I on such adrenaline rush, well maybe less Anders as he is fearless, but for Dexter and I it was scary, exciting and amazing (and I am laughing insanely as I type)....  The photos from that I shall share another day as I have to develop the film still and that adds to the intrigue!  The sad thing for me about this was whilst going around this place I thought of my brother, who was both mentally and physically handicapped and lived most of his days in a hospital institution so this place took on an even deeper meaning to me than it might otherwise, but I am sure I will talk about this more fully when I see the images.

Indecipherable facial expression - fear/outrage/horror - who knows!

So going back to film feels for me like going back to my past to bring it into the here and now and reconnect.   The film which I took these pictures on were taken on very out of date film (it was at least 5 years old, could easily have been 10 if not more!).  That said, I like it as the images have taken on a nice washed out look.  All of these photographs were taken on 35mm with the exception of the photograph of the 35mm Russian Lomo camera which Anders spotted on Saturday.  The Lomo (which I have not used yet) I paid homage to by photographing with my Olympus Pen (digital) but using one of the old lenses I got for in December and I am starting to feel that each of these lenses and cameras are all extensions of me like glasses sometimes they will be practical and sometimes rose tinted! 

Backlit boy
It was so exciting wondering what these images were going to turn out like and that is not something I got with digital in the same way as I could see pretty much instantly if I got the shot I hoped for.  With 35mm you don't see the end result immediately so there is a build up of anticipation and excitement joy/disappointment!  I love my digital, without question, and I love my i-phone too which is what got me back into taking photographs in the first place after such a long time.  Film however is really, really special and not something that I want to compare to digital because it isn't and I love them all in different ways, the same way I do different types of food and restaurants they are all extensions of one another to one degree or another and they are all extensions of me!  Just because you love one type of food doesn't mean you can't love other foods just as much, and chop and change between them, and experiment with seasoning, or find out that you preferred it when you had it made for you in another restaurant!  It is even more fun when you share it with people you love - I am becoming such a romantic about this am I not, ha, ha, ha!

Russian Lomo taken with Olympus Pen

Having had so much fun with the 35mm, I have bought more film (black and white and colour) and I am also going to try medium format too as there is a Holga camera somewhere around the house too,  just need to hunt it out.  In addition to that Anders spotted an original Russian Lomo for £23 which had the original box, instructions, documents and protector case.  It looks like something from the 50's but in fact is from apparently 1991!  You can't say the Russians don't make stuff like they used to!!!
So as I am experimenting with 35mm, I am also going to use the old Leica minilux which Anders got off ebay years ago really cheaply because someone didn't want it anymore.

Carly on the rocks
What lies beneath
Sands of time
All washed up
What is lovely about this is just the simplicity of doing something that makes me feel and something that as a family we all have fun doing and being involved in and I am so excited and thrilled about that.

The Sunday Creative

The Sunday Creative word this week is Extension.


  1. Nice take on this prompt!

  2. Thank you Joan. I just woke up at 3.30am as my head is buzzing with ideas and inspirations caused in part because of my cameras and the images I have seen, and what I want to go back and shoot again and thinking about what I want to say about it all. I think I have just opened up something which is just going to keep extending!!!

  3. So good to visit your blog again. love your work and your dog.

  4. Jane, welcome back, it is so nice to see you again it has been such a while since you last "blogged". I am so glad that you like what I have been doing and I look forward to you looking in on what I am up to with my lovely family and cameras! A warm and happy new year welcome to you once again.