Sunday, 16 January 2011

Musing over rooms with a view....

Up from the deep, 20 stories high, Godzilla, Godzilla, that is what I was thinking as I took these shots (wonder what on earth that says about me?).  
Forth Rail Bridge

Maybe that is my different view of the famous Forth Rail Bridge which is quite a magnificent piece of engineering.  Wonder if it was inspired by another famous Scot - Nessie?

Inspired by Loch Ness!
Age of fishing, age of industry
I'm the king of the castle!
It is just such an amazing site (and sight), and the above two images also remind me of a bit of Marnie (the Hitchcock film) the street in which she grew up.  I know it is different, but it does make me think of it, the old fishing houses with the huge piece of industrial engineering right on its doorstep.

Forth Rail Bridge
Half a train
Of course interesting views can be starkly different, and the next photographs I took are a very short drive from the above ones.   The next pictures are taken of static homes which look over King Kong beach, well we call it King Kong beach because that is what Dexter called it we think it sounds much cooler!
Somewhere between the sky and the beach, above the long grass
Rooms with a view

The sandy beaches, and the long flowing grass under a perfect blue sky in January and then in the evening a light breeze through your hair from another beach but this time in Edinburgh where you can see the lights of King Kong beach across the water from.

Long, golden, flowing hairs of grass
 My old man and the sea

What's over there
Half way between the sky and the sea, the sun begins to melt
So the sun set on King Kong beach, and night fell in Edinburgh too.  Half these images were taken last week and half these images were taken on Saturday of this week but both days were perfect as they were spent with my family.......
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    1. King Kong beach, Godzilla bridge inspired by Loch Ness. Quite the ensemble. LOL

    2. Now you say it Amy, you are right! My brain just runs and runs and runs!!! Have a great weekend and thanks for leaving me a note, I am happy it made you laugh.

    3. Wonderful shots of the bridge. I like how the different angles and change in perspective make it look like a different place in each shot.

    4. That bridge looks amazing, wow.
      Have a good week ahead!

    5. Some wonderful shots you have here.. Your old man at sea photos look amazing.. so different.
      And of course I love your bridge shots.. Amazing!

    6. Hi buddy!
      I love that "Age of Fishing..." image, very pretty. Look forward to chatting soon!

    7. Tara, BLOGitse, Linda and Anika, thank you for liking my photographs and for leaving a comment it always makes me smile to hear that. The bridges are fantastic, and I have just come back from having had afternoon tea overlooking them with my two boys as we were out for over 2 hours photographing somewhere really special....

      Anika, you would have loved where we have just been.... I am still excited about it. Most of the pictures I took however were on 35mm (used 3 spools) and whilst I took some digital and i-phone shots, I needed a flash for a lot of them. Are you in suspense ?

    8. Those bridge shots are absolutely fantastic!

    9. I wonder if I would have felt the bridge was menacing if I hadn't read your description? I don't know, but now I can't help but think of it as Godzilla.

      Love all the images, especially the golden ones.

    10. Love the rooms with view shot & the bridge ones are awesome!

    11. Ashley, Mami and Julie, thanks for your notes and I am glad you like the images I took too. The rail and the road bridges are really beautiful, and they look quite different when taken this way.

    12. That is a VERY cool bridge. Thanks for the great shots!
      Happy SIMC, jj

    13. Love looking at bridges; riding over 'em, not so much!!!