Friday, 7 January 2011


My niece is named Grace after her Great Grandmother.  When naming a child as parents, their name is picked for various reasons, sometimes because it is to honour someone we know, maybe it is because we like a name, maybe it is because we hope the child will become their name, and maybe it is for no reason at all other than we think it suits them, or the image we have of them even though they are a tiny bundle of warmth and innocence.

It turns out that Grace had the perfect name given to her because she has become the definition of her name.

Speaking of the meaning of Grace, another definition is To bestow an act of favour.  To honour.  This was something which was done to me earlier this week by Anika.  Anika is charming, funny, grounded, upbeat, enthusiastic, creative, loving, supportive and just really lovely to get to know.  I am honoured that she felt she wanted to bestow this act of favour to me, and receiving this for a second time (first time was way back last year when I had not long started up this blog and I smile as I flashback to when I got those awards when I first started I know how surprised and happy they made me Passing on the love) it is just as special, because it has been given to me again with such good grace.

I am supposed to do the same in return to 10 other blogs, and it is something I did last year but felt guilty doing to only 10.  This year there are people whose blogs I have read who have bucked a trend by fighting back adversity, addiction, illnesses and not conforming to what might have been.  There are blogs out there who have managed to stick really well to 365 day challenges and conformed to the discipline required in this trend movement, which I personally have fallen down on (but have picked up again).  There are people who are embarking upon getting fit, losing weight and generally starting on new year resolutions which I wish them support on. There are people whose blogs I have come across who inspire me greatly from a creative perspective which have changed and moved me in ways I didn't think would happen when I first got back into taking photographs, and of course there are people who inspire me with the music they share that I might not have otherwise come across and this music for them is a passion in life and a light that makes sense of their daily routines.

A timeless game of kisses and hugs!
Long account given but one done as I just don't want to handpick only 10 of them but I think the people I describe above will know who they all are if they read this and if they want to join in and take it then it is given with my love.   I am going to buck this trend therefore of only selecting 10 and will therefore say that anyone who reads this and feels they fit the above description and wants to pass out some feel good factor (or feel that they too have started a movement or personal revolution that has made them feel better and they too want to join in), then to please pick up the button and pass it onto whoever they like!

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  1. I've always loved the name Grace. It makes me feel calmer just saying it.

  2. Thank you both for leaving me a comment. Grace really does suit her name and she is just so delightful, feminine and graceful, and yes I too think she is lovely and am glad you do too.

  3. Such a beautiful girl.

    Grace is my favorite word - it is so beautiful, rich and full of peace and joy.