Sunday, 30 January 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This weeks Scavenger Hunt prompts were:  texture, fog, button, beverage/drink, seventies.  

I wasn't really excited about the prompts if I am to be honest and wasn't going to submit an entry, but then I thought that was the wrong attitude to have so I am sorry and yes deserve a kick up the bum. Please don't all do it at once though!   Here are my photographs.

museum quality dried mud
museum quality piled slate

circle of light

fog gate
bubbles in my coffee
colourful bubbles in my coffee
Let this be a warning to never push that button
Let this be a warning to never push that button II
YMCA, Village People
Formula 1 in the 1970's

Jackie Stewart, famous Scot to the German Grand Prix in 1973

For Jackie, it was a very Good Year!
Scavenger Hunt Sunday


    1. Fun group of photos! I like the photo of your coffee best.

    2. Yes, please don't push THAT button! But I'm glad you pushed your shutter button :) Very cool museum textures!

    3. You still worked it out this week - you can always send me your own list!

    4. I love your pictures : ) You did a wonderful job and totally nailed all the shots. LOVED the 'never push that button' shot : ) You are so creative. Hope you have an absolutely fantastical week! Love, Becky

    5. Fun shots - I remember Jackie and I used to dance to that YMCA song.

    6. What an interesting collection. The dial for the button shot was eerie, glad that you zoomed in to show the detail. I liked the processing on it too.

    7. I did find this challenge a challenge, just couldn't think of what to do and was not in the right mindset I dare say. I really like having prompts to push me and they do but I couldn't get my head around doing something that was interesting enough to put up. I am flattered that you guys think I have managed to, and I thank you for letting me know with your comments. I am wanting to put up things that I really like and I can't say that I like all of these images, hence why I am so blah about it and it is not the prompts, it is my being able to do something with them that I felt blah about.

      I hope you all have a wonderful week.

    8. You are so creative with your interpretations --GREAT work! I love that they are not what one would normally think of... that's what makes them great. :)